New year, new goal

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to start blogging. I have co-blogged in the past, but it’s been years – I did it as part of a job I had (mostly about WordPress, appropriately!) and during the brief time I lived in Winnipeg in 2009.

Both of those times I felt I had something to say, and that I was writing about something outside myself. Personal blogging is something I’ve been timid to tackle. There’s a (large) part of me that loathes drawing attention to myself, and cringes at the idea of putting anything out there for scrutiny.

That being said, it is something I’ve wanted to do. I think it will be help me be a little more mindful and contemplative. It will also encourage/force me to write more, and keep a better record of things that happen in my life.

I also think it’ll help me be better at my job, both by using more, and interacting with themes in a different way.

As a starting point, I’ve been writing private posts about my new house. It’s been an easy source of material, and a good way to track the progress of the work. Granted, the before and after photos need to be a little less haphazard… but hey! One more thing to improve on 🙂


The kitchen counters were finally put in a few days ago. A solid surface! With a functional sink!!

The new counter has zero overhang, meaning the in-progress paint job on the cabinets needs to stretch up another inch or so, but overall they’re a huge improvement from the old counter.


Progress on the house has been slow and steady. Ish.

So far, the bathroom has gotten a new light, and a new paint job.

House (IV)

A bit more progress on the house since returning from Barcelona. New lights have been hung in the hallway, laundry room, bathroom and dining room (mostly to get fixtures that go above 40w!).

I also managed to hang a closet organizer with a bit of jetlag.