House Update

In the last few months, I’ve lost momentum working on projects around the house.

I did a pretty good sprint of work when I first bought the house – lots of painting, hanging shelves, and replacing lights, counters and appliances. Once the place got into liveable shape, though I kind of ran out of steam — I’ve been stepping around the last remaining boxes and, outside of the constant battle against the backyard’s blackberries, living with things the way they are.

Now I’m tallying a list of final projects, to start working on them in the late summer and fall.

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Progress on the house has been slow and steady. Ish.

So far, the bathroom has gotten a new light, and a new paint job.

House (IV)

A bit more progress on the house since returning from Barcelona. New lights have been hung in the hallway, laundry room, bathroom and dining room (mostly to get fixtures that go above 40w!).

I also managed to hang a closet organizer with a bit of jetlag.



Counter top

I knew the kitchen sink had leaked around the counter top, but it was a lot worse than I expected. My dad helped me remove the counter so it can be replaced (new ones are still 3+ weeks out) and we were greeted by some amazing grossness. Apologies in advance for these photos!

The cabinet doors are still scattered throughout the house, needing more coats of paint. But the boxes are good to go!

House (I)

I bought my first house this summer – a 25-year-old half-duplex by a wooded area. 

It hasn’t been without its issues – on top of known problems, there’s been a leaky washer, an unsalvageable kitchen counter top, and spots of mould – but through multiple visits to Home Depot and the help of family and friends, it’s slowly coming together.